A Hayes couple found an innovative way of socialising with their key-worker neighbours despite lockdown, by building a window through their garden fence.

Charlotte and Paul's friends are working overtime during the pandemic, with Richard putting in 68 hour weeks to produce vital ventilators, while Sam teaches her primary school class remotely as she looks after their four-year-old daughter from home.

Keen to give them a break from their work and enjoy the weekend's weather, Paul fashioned a perspex window in their fence, allowing them to enjoy a BBQ and game of Trivial Pursuit, almost as normal.

Charlotte said: "They have been amazing despite Richard having to work really long hours to ensure the company meets the targets for the production of the ventilators.

"As a school teacher, Sam has been providing work for her class whilst also looking after their daughter.

"My husband Paul is a keen DIYer and so we put him to the task to keep himself busy!

"He used a piece of perspex from a large picture frame and some wood from a pallet we had lying around."

"We both had separate BBQ's and enjoyed chatting whilst cooking, eating and drinking!

"And then we finished off the evening with a game of Family Trivial Pursuits...we had the board and asked questions through the fence!

"Our neighbours won! Rematch is planned soon! "

The families expect the window to be of continued use throughout the lockdown, and even afterwards.

Charlotte added: "We have two boys aged 13 and 7, and our neighbour's daughter shares pictures and crafts she has made which is lovely and brightens up our day!

"The adults can sit in the garden and catch up which gives a reassuring feeling of normality! We think the window might become a permanent feature now!"