An newly connected Orpington community has been entertaining itself remotely throughout lockdown by playing charades - via a drone.

Dad of three Steven Sangster, 36, filmed eight families miming hints, hovering over their gardens in the Broomhill area.

After the video was uploaded to their recently established community facebook group, around 50 households raced to guess the correct answers first.

Mr Sangster, who works in financial services, said: "Like a lot of roads not all the neighbours knew each other but were talking, so we set up a Facebook group and all started chatting.

"We started playing virtual bingo and things to start socialising, then someone had the idea to play charades.

"We did it first on Zoom and it worked ok, then it was lovely weather this weekend so I said we could a garden version by drone.

"I’m a commercial drone pilot, and got all the neighbours permissions to do it.

"I was amazed at how creative they all were - especially the zebra!

"Someone saw their neighbour on all fours pretending to be a fox, asked what was going on and then signed up to the group"

The winning family guessed all answer within 15 minutes.

The Broomhill Orpington group has already gained 60 members, from young families to elderly individuals isolating alone.

As well as spreading the group through Facebook, Mr Sangster dropped leaflets through doors around the neighbourhood to bring in as many people as possible.

"It’s really helped getting people talking," Mr Sangster added.

"Not just for entertainment, but helping each other with shopping when families have had to self isolate.

"We are talking and engaging with people we never knew before."

Can you guess the answers?