Police dramatically chased a suspect vehicle through Bexley last night, tracking the runaways with a helicopter and trying to ram the car off the road.

Officers in Abbey Wood spotted the suspect vehicle at around 4:05pm on Monday, April 6, and launched an authorised police pursuit.

The National Police Air Service joined the pursuit, providing support from the sky, and police said attempts were made to stop the suspect's vehicle using tactical contact.

Starting in Harrow Manorway, police cars chased the runaway vehicle all the way to Sun Court in Slade Green where the car eventually stopped.

News Shopper: Sun Court, Slade Green (Kent 999)Sun Court, Slade Green (Kent 999)

A number of male suspects reportedly then fled the vehicle and made their way into a block of flats, believed to be Grange House.

Met Police said that they have not been able to make any arrests at this time, but enquiries continue into the incident.

It is not yet known why the Met were pursuing the vehicle, but a strong police presence has been spotted outside the block of flats..

police cars chased the vehicle all the way to Sun Court in Slade Green.

Officers began an authorised police pursuit of a car they deemed suspect at 4:05pm on Monday,