An eleven-year-old Bromley boy has uniquely expressed his gratitude to hospital workers by spelling out 'NHS' with his running route.

Jesse Rowe was inspired by farmers who have been marking fields with positive messages to show their appreciation for NHS staff working tirelessly through the pandemic.

Alongside his dad Danny, 43, he spelt out the iconic three letters in a clearing near their home, which shows up when their route is viewed on a GPS run-tracking app.

Father of three Danny Rowe, who works from home as an account manager, said: "My son led with the idea.

"He wanted to mark it out our run on Strava and share it with his friends so they could do it as well.

"We do that run every other day, so we know that field and the size of it.

"We were able to map out the route using an app called Strava."

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The pair were unable to tell whether they were successful until they returned home and uploaded their effort.

"We ran home, much quicker than we got there. I was knackered, all he cared was getting home to see if it had worked.

"We were initially disappointed as there was meant to be an x at the end, which didn’t come out that well, but I think we did a decent job."

The Bromley pair hopes that whilst their letters may not have been perfect, the message is clear.

"We’re stuck indoors and we just want to as a family thank them," Danny added.

"A number of our family are elderly, one in aprticular is in hospital. We know how hard they work and wanted to share our appreciation.

"As a dad, I was happy to support my son. We hope other people will see the idea, and be inspired to show their appreciation."