Now over a week into the nation's official lockdown, many of us are burning through boxsets and likely already miss the familiar sights of London.

If you're looking to get away from all the chaos going on outside, then take a trip around London with a gritty BBC daytime detective drama proving to be a ratings hit.

London Kills follows the Metropolitan Police Murder Investigation Team as they tackle grisly cases across the capital, with each 45-minute episode featuring a different case.

Now into season two, the series proved to be a hit in the ratings when it premiered last year.

And the best bit? Starting on Monday, (yesterday), there will be a new episode every day of the week, so no waiting around!

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London Kills centres around the work of an elite police squad led by DI David Bradford (Hugo Speer) and his maverick sidekick DS Vivienne Cole.

Also in the team is detective Rob Brady (Bailey Patrick, Good Omens) and trainee constable Billie Fitzgerald (Tori Allen-Martin, Unforgotten).

Adrianna Bertola (Call The Midwife) is a recurring cast member as Bradford’s daughter, whilst the plot revolves around the squad leader's missing wife.

The show is filmed in documentary style with hand-held cameras and the actors free to improvise the dialogue from time to time.

London Kills, weekdays from Monday, 2.15pm, BBC1.

If you fancy getting away from all the chaos outside, why not turn to