An isolating Bexley couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary "against the odds" as friends and family organised a drive-by parade outside their home.

Daughter Samantha Twiner, 47, delivered a cake to the Gurdens' home on Saturday to mark the milestone, after she was forced to cancel a planned party due to coronavirus lockdown.

To the surprise of parents Martin, 75, and Christine, 71, a convoy of eleven cars, decked out with balloons and filled with friends and family, made its way beeping along the street as neighbours cheered.

Mother of three Samantha, who works in a school, said: "My mum was crying, she was just so overwhelmed by it all.

"These family celebrations mean a lot to them as my sister died a few years ago. My mums fit and well, but my Dad's a bit older.

"We’d usually have a family meal. My mum and dad had a big party for their 25th, but it wasn’t meant to be this year.

"It was still really important to me that we were still able to celebrate with them.

"The nicest thing later that evening she rang me to say she wanted to let me know that her and Dad had a lovely day to remember.

"Because of their age, this might be their last big celebration. It was all going to be a big family thing.

"Against the odds, we still made it happen."

Martin received a Government letter earlier this month urging him to stay at home due to his underlying health conditions, along with 900,000 people identified by the NHS as vulnerable.

He has since remained indoors with Christine, whose daughter says is a 'fit and healthy 71-year-old.'

Samantha had decorated the outside of her parents' Crofton Avenue home as they slept the night before.

Her inspiration for the idea came from work colleagues, who had seen videos of similar celebrations taking place despite isolation online.