Cemeteries in Southwark are closed to everyone except mourners attending funerals until further notice.  

A spokesperson for Southwark Council said the move will help make cemeteries “safer for grieving family and friends”.  

The closures came into effect on Monday night (March 30).  

“In line with government legislation during this emergency period, we will tonight be closing all of our cemeteries and our crematorium grounds, to all but those attending funerals.  

“This will help make the area safer for grieving family and friends, at an incredibly difficult time,” Southwark Council said.  

Nunhead Cemetery, Camberwell Old Cemetery, and Camberwell New Cemetery will all be affected by the new rules.  

Southwark has the highest recorded level of confirmed Covid-19 cases in London and the fourth highest in the country. 

The latest figures show there are 365 confirmed cases in Southwark, the fourth highest in the country after Sheffield at 387, Hampshire at 432 and Birmingham at 513.   

In a bid to curb the spread of the virus, the council has shut enclosed spaces, such as playgrounds, in parks, and all leisure facilities.  

Government advice is that people should only leave their homes for shopping for basic necessities, such as food and medicine, and should do so as infrequently as possible.   

Residents can go outside to get some exercise, alone or with household members.   

If someone has a medical need, or is leaving to provide care to others, or is a key worker, they can also leave their home.  

When outside, people are asked to keep a distance of two metres from others.