Southwark Council is no longer delivering new bins or bags because it does not have enough staff amid the coronavirus outbreak.  

Deliveries will start again “as soon as possible”, according to the council. 

A spokesperson said staff taking sick leave was behind the move.  

It comes shortly after the council shut down its waste and recycling centre last week.  

Waste collection is continuing but with “some delays”, and residents are warned rubbish could be collected one day later than normal.  

According to the council’s website: “The Council has suspended waste container deliveries until further notice, due to reduced staffing levels as a result of sickness absence and the need to use our available staff to prioritise the most important waste collection services.  

“This suspension includes new bins and bags for all collection services.   

“We will restore deliveries as soon as possible and will provide updates on our website as the situation changes.  

“We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and will aim to prioritise existing requests in the coming weeks, where resources are available.  

“If you have previously made a request for delivery of bins or bags, this may take a number of weeks before we’re able to make your delivery. 

“We can prioritise a small number of deliveries for new properties or other obviously urgent needs, but will not replace damaged containers that can still be used, until deliveries are resumed.   

“If you have an urgent need for a container, please send an email to with details of why your request is urgent.”