Two men both suffering from a mental health crisis were rescued by police forces yesterday, one on a bridge in Dartford and the other on the tracks at Plumstead station.

Emergency services rushed to Plumstead station around 3pm yesterday, March 25, to reports of trespassers who had climbed onto the railway.

It quickly emerged that a sole trespasser was actually a man in mental health crisis.

Trains on the Woolwich and Plumstead line were suspended and power on the line was switched off.

British Transport Police, along with staff Network Rail and Southeastern Railway, said they were able to safely detain the man and "stop him from electrocuting himself on live tracks."

BTP London said the same officers had, earlier in the day, been told they were "just transport police" by members of the public as they tried to disperse a large gathering outside a supermarket.

In Dartford, police officers were able to help a man who was suffering from mental health issues off a bridge.

Kent Police said he was now safe and well, and receiving the best help from partner agencies.

As the Covid-19 pandemic grips the world, it is right that the focus is on overflowing hospitals, reducing the spread of the virus and the brilliant frontline healthcare workers.

But with the UK in effective lockdown and most Londoners now confined to their homes, considering the mental toll of the pandemic is also vitally important.

If you're experiencing a mental health crisis, Samaritans has a free to call service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, if you want to talk to someone in confidence. Call them on 116 123.

The charity Mind provides information about how to plan for a crisis.

You can call NHS 111 if you or someone you know needs urgent care, but it's not life threatening.

Call 999 if you or someone you know experiences an acute life-threatening medical or mental health emergency.