A heroin and crack cocaine dealer based in Gravesend has been jailed for over three years.

Igors Pikalovs, 33, was found in possession of both substances after officers stopped him in the Prospect Grove area, last month (February 11).

The 33-year-old, of no fixed address, was sentenced to three years and two month's imprisonment at Maidstone Crown Court at the beginning of this month, March 11.

Pikalovs was detained after plain-clothed officers, on a routine patrol saw him speaking with a known drug user in an alleyway on the morning of February 11.

He was searched nearby and the officers went on to locate 43 wraps of heroin and crack cocaine hidden in his hood.

The wraps were being stored inside a small plastic case that is often found in chocolate eggs.

Field tests at the police station confirmed the substances were heroin and crack cocaine.

Pikalovs initially tried to claim he was a heroin user and that the substances were for his personal use.

He was unable to explain why he possessed crack cocaine and went on to make a full admission of both offences in court.

A spokesperson for Kent police said: "We show zero tolerance towards people who choose to supply class A drugs in our towns.

"As this case shows, our officers regularly carry out patrols to identify offenders and bring them to justice.

"Pikalovs made a conscious decision to supply these substances, despite knowing the misery drug misuse can cause.

"I am pleased he made a full admission of his guilt and that an appropriate sentence has been imposed."