Two brothers are appealing for information to help locate their attackers after they were assaulted and robbed on Crayford high street last year.

Police were called to reports of a robbery at Town Hall Square on August 20, last year.

It was reported that the brothers aged 26 and 18, were chased by three men, who forced them to hand over a bag containing a laptop, keys and quantity of cash.

Police investigated; however, no suspects were identified, and the case was closed in January 2020.

One brother reportedly suffered from a torn bicep tendon on his right shoulder, large scarring on his right knee and his left foot.

The other brother reportedly had a concussion and suffered from minor injuries.

Since the attack, both brothers say they have been forced to change their appearance after the suspects reportedly gained access to their personal information and family photos from the stolen MacBook.

Two weeks after the incident, one of the brothers reportedly saw the three attackers and a larger group of males pointing at his apartment.

The victim goes onto further say, his Photo ID, keys to his car and front door, bank cards, clothes and other accessories were all stolen during the attack.

Speaking to News Shopper the 26-year-old victim said: “I and my family have had to change our lives so drastically to ensure our safety.

“As a family, we have stopped wearing any recognisable clothing brands.

“I have had to shave my facial hair entirely, have my hair styled differently and always make sure I wear a hat.

“My partner has changed her hairstyle and wears a hat to and from work and my brother has grown some more facial hair and now wears contact lenses instead of glasses.

“We all check to make sure each other has made it to either the train station, the car and the local shops, safely.

He added: “Other people could be attacked in the future by the same guys, it is important we appeal for information.

“It was three against two, if these guys are not identified, they will feel free to do it again.

“The more attackers who are identified, hopefully, the fewer incidents that will happen.”

The 26-year-old has criticised the police and says they have been lied to after reportedly being told cases such as robberies would not be closed.

The victim went on further to say he had to take a leading role in tracking down the culprits and obtained the majority of the CCTV images all by himself.

A spokesperson for the police said: “As part of the investigation, CCTV has been analysed and an image has been circulated on social media for identification.

“However, no suspects have been identified and the case was closed in January.”

Anyone with any information or who can identify the man in the image is asked to call 101, quoting CAD 6689/20aug19.

Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111 or visit at