An Ocado delivery driver has slammed his employer for their lack of precautions in response to coronavirus, claiming drivers have been delivering whilst displaying symptoms.

A driver from the Erith distribution site claims the online supermarket has denied sick leave to workers - who had been advised to self isolate for two weeks following government guidelines.

But Ocado defended its preparations, stating it had ramped up measures across its delivery network as a precaution against coronavirus.

Ocado also says, if an employee or member of their household develops any of the symptoms of coronavirus, they are to follow government guidance on self-isolation.

The driver, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It brings tears to my eyes thinking that I could potentially kill these people.

“I am afraid that we are giving the virus a chance to travel across the country.

“I am concerned that one of the hundreds of drivers will start spreading to vulnerable people."

He went on further to say Ocado have denied delivery drivers protective equipment and were told that ‘gloves do not work.’

News Shopper:

Employees were reportedly delivering for up to a month before contactless deliveries were introduced and are fearful that they could have already spread the virus through deliveries.

The employee says he delivered to someone who had been to a contaminated area on February 6 and contactless delivery was not enforced until March 12.

“We have not been given any protective equipment, when asked we are ignored or told that necessities such as gloves do not work," he added.

“I have seen workers denied the two weeks sick leave advised by the government.

“I believe we are being overlooked as a workforce who has been identified as key workers."

A spokesperson for Ocado responded: “The safety of our colleagues has always been our primary focus and now is no different.

“During these unprecedented times, we have implemented a range of additional measures to protect them.

“This includes the introduction of temperature checks across our sites, increased supplies of hand soap, sanitising gel and antibacterial wipes and spray.

“Changes have been made to the doorstep delivery procedure to ensure there is no direct contact with our customers.

“Along with our retail partners and the rest of the grocery industry, Ocado plays a pivotal role in ensuring that millions of people in this country have the food and essentials they need.

“We will continue to follow advice from Public Health England and our own medical experts to ensure we are responding appropriately to this fast-moving situation.

“We have the health of our colleagues and our customers at the heart of every decision.”