The owner of a pilates studio in Bexley has moved her classes online as a way to ensure clients keep fit during the coronavirus outbreak.

Genine Price, of Pilates Body Studio in Bexley, sadly had to close her doors last Friday (March 20 ).

Worried about how her business and clientele would be affected, Genine came up with an ingenious idea to launch classes online- so people would not miss out on their weekly activity.

Ms Price said: "As a small business owner, I am deeply concerned about the uncertainty of how long the studio will be closed.

"The help from the government is great but the duration of closure will determine whether small businesses will survive this.

"We all have a minimum amount of overheads to keep a business running but with potentially no money coming in it could be disastrous for the economy!

"All my staff are self-employed and also very worried during this time.

"It is extremely important to stay fit and healthy during this crisis physically and mentally.

"Staying home is going to save lives, so let’s stay active at home together."

"Currently we are streaming classes for clients and non-clients to try.

"As of April we will be asking clients to purchase a online class pass through our website which will give them access to our streamed classes."

The classes have been highly successful so far.

If you would like to stay healthy during the crisis visit at: