The MP for Dartford Gareth Johnson is pushing for a change in the law to allow courts to ban violent and disruptive air passengers from flying.

The Conservative MP wants to introduce a Ten Minute Rule Bill aimed at giving judges the power to stop those convicted of such behaviour from flying in the future.

Mr Johnson said people can be banned from driving, or football matches, or from becoming company directors for past misdemeanours, so asked why not for air travel too.

"This bill aims to deter people from disrupting flights and making passengers feel unsafe," he told MPs.

"Passengers who assault or threaten cabin staff should risk being banned from flying for a period of time."

The law would apply to any commercial airline with a policy of "if you're banned from one, you're banned from all."

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As Mr Johnson pointed out, in the past year more than 4,000 incidents of disruptive behaviour took place on British planes.

This represents an increase of 9%, compared to an general 3% rise in the number of passengers flying, so "so-called air rage is undoubtedly on the increase."

The Dartford MP said he did not believe banning alcohol was the solution, despite half the cases of violence on flights involving people who had consumed alcohol.

"We need to send a message out that, if you're going to get on a plane and disrupt that flight by threatening violence or being violent on any other way, or endangering that flight, then you will not be allowed to fly.

"Decent people and crew shouldn't have to put up with it."

Mr Johnson added: "The Bill would enable the courts to ban people for a period of time from flying on commercial planes if they are convicted of using or threatening violence on a plane or otherwise endangering the safety of an aircraft."

The Bill was introduced without a vote, with a second reading scheduled for early 2021, but has little chance of progressing without Government support.