Residents have slammed Bexley for not taking more action over a residential road in bad physical condition.

Neighbours in Glenhurst Avenue claim the potholes centred in the middle of their road have affected their day to day life.

Residents say noise disturbance is their biggest issue with the potholes and claim they have a tough time getting their children to sleep due to cars slamming into them at night.

They go on to further say their is limited parking because of holes alongside the curb.

It is claimed more than 20 complaints have been filed through the 'fix my road' app, but it is said that nothing has been done about a fix and nobody is aware of any planned work.

Several residents have raised their growing concerns to News Shopper, following previous complaints reportedly being closed by Bexley.

George Braithwaite, who lives in Glenhurst Avenue, said: “The general state of the road is poor.

“I am disappointed with the council’s lack of response to these issues.”

Brendan Walsh, who also lives in the road, added: “We are concerned about the risk of cars swerving to avoid the holes.

“But the noise is probably the biggest factor.

“Council Tax is increasing above inflation and what are they doing with it?

“Wasting it on nonsense signs, ignoring genuine complaints from residents and grumbling about their stretched budgets."

Councillor Peter Craske responded: “This road was inspected a couple of weeks ago, and work has been programmed to address it.

“We appreciate it when residents report such things, either online, over the phone or via the new Fix My Street app, as we can get the inspections and necessary repairs underway as soon as possible.

“Only last year the RAC listed Bexley Council among the top 20 councils for repairing potholes within an hour of them being reported.

“Which means it’s another Council service which is rated as among the best in the country, something we can all be proud of.”