Parents have won a three-month battle against Langley Park Learning Trust after it was proposed schools in Beckenham would be named as feeder schools.

Hundreds of parents and children gathered outside Langley Park School for Boys to demonstrate their concerns in January over the proposals - which would have affected three primary schools operating under Langley Park Learning Trust.

One of two options on the table in the Trust's consultation proposed naming primary schools Langley Park, Hawes Down and Clare House as feeder schools for Langley Park Boys and Girls secondary schools.

The other option was to only include Langley Park Primary School as a feeder school.

But after parents voiced concerns that the proposals could result in some families living in the area being denied places at the school, a decision not to pursue either option was made.

Robert Sharp, a spokesperson for the Fair Access Langley campaign group, said: “We are delighted with the decision.

“So many people worked hard to raise awareness about the consultation, and the number of people who responded was a factor in the decision.

“But it is also pleasing that the trustees have engaged with and accepted the social, educational and environmental arguments raised by the community.

“However, we remain concerned that the Trust chose to consult in the first place.

“We urge them to be transparent about their reasons for doing so, and to reassure the community that they will not re-consult on this issue in the near future.”

A spokesman for Langley Park Learning Trust said: “Langley Park Learning Trust wishes to thank all those who took the time to engage with us during the recent admission arrangements consultation process.

“Over 3000 people completed the response form which reinforces the importance of the consultation process and the significance of admissions arrangements to our community.

“The Board of Trustees read and carefully considered all responses to inform its decisions on the September 2021 admission arrangements.

“The Board believes that the revised admissions arrangements are not only an accurate reflection of the responses received but also strengthen the Trust’s service to our community by ensuring equality and consistency across our schools.”