Bromley Council has promised to ensure more than 600 new homes are built a year in the borough to deal with the housing shortage.

The Local Plan, signed off last year by councillors, set out the Council's aims for development up until 2030.

The Council has committed to facilitating the construction of up to 1000 homes as soon as possible to meet housing and homeless need, partly on council owned land and partly on other land, possibly in partnership with private developers.

In 2018/2019 there were 3,457 households on the housing register, and 2,940 households approached the council as homeless.

Councillor Peter Morgan, Executive Member for Renewal, Recreation and Housing, said: “I am confident the robust plans we are putting in place will tackle the serious issue of ensuring that people in Bromley have appropriate housing.

"This is pivotal for every individual’s health, safety, educational attainment as well as employability and mental wellbeing.

"All of these factors are put at risk without it and, in the longer run, this work will reduce the financial demands on the public purse.

"Residential development is really important in contributing to the regeneration and prosperity of an area, to providing council tax income and supporting local businesses.

"Good housing enhances the local environment for everyone and that is what we want for Bromley.”

Targets will be set for additional affordable homes to be built by 2030 with at least half in Bromley-led developments being offered at affordable rents to households on the housing register.

The council is also actively increasing the number of private landlords signed up to accept tenants from the housing waiting list.