A suspected dangerous driver who was pursued by an off-duty Swanley officer has been charged.

Charlie Bevan, 21, of High Street, Farningham, was charged with driving while disqualified, driving dangerously and driving without insurance on 21 February.

At around 4.50pm an officer who had recently finished work,was driving on Swanley Lane when he saw a Skoda Octavia travelling in the opposite direction.

Suspecting it was driven by a disqualified driver who was also wanted for questioning, he alerted local officers and turned around to follow the suspect.

The Skoda is reported to have driven away when requested to stop, and then crashed into a police car.

Following a pursuit, the driver left the car on foot. A search of the area led to an arrest at a hotel near West Kingsdown.

Bevan was also charged with four further counts of driving while disqualified, dangerous driving, driving without insurance and failing to stop after a road traffic accident on February 15 in Longfield.

He was remanded in custody by Medway Magistrates’ Court to next appear at a hearing before Maidstone Crown Court on March 23.