Vacant, run-down or underused garages across Greenwich are set to be demolished to make way for new social housing projects, under plans given the tick of approval by the council’s planning board.

The committee this month approved three proposals which would see blocks of garages demolished and 12 new homes built across the borough.

The actions are part of the council’s Greenwich Builds scheme, which revolves around building 750 new affordable homes in the borough by 2022.

The applications form part of the first batch of Greenwich Builds applications, however not all of the authority’s proposals went smoothly – with one hitting a snag when a neighbour claimed the council’s plans would involve building on his property.

That proposal, which would see 10 garages at the rear of 2 Southspring, Avery Hill demolished, and two two-bedroom homes built in their place, was the only one councillors didn’t approve.

Members instead voted to defer the decision, so they could clarify if they were building on the resident’s property.

It came after a neighbour to the site told the board that the “proposal is to build on my land”.

He also claimed the council hadn’t been able to define boundary lines for the application, and that the development would block access to his own garage door.

While council’s legal and planning advisers were prepared to back the project, members voted in favour of delaying a decision – with Cllr Nigel Fletcher saying they needed clarity over a potential “loss of amenity” for the neighbour.

He was supported by Cllr Clive Mardner, who said: “I have to have some evidence of what is being said”. 

It saw planning chair Cllr Sarah Merrill table a proposal to defer the decision, saying: “We don’t really know what we’re deciding in regards to a loss of amenity”. 

While that proposal was temporarily shut down, other plans for similar projects by the council’s Greenwich New Builds arm were approved.

They included a proposal to demolish 11 garages adjacent to 103 Strongbow

Crescent at Eltham, to be replaced by two two-bedroom homes.

While a newly-formed community group – calling itself the Strongbow Tenants’ Action Group – spoke in objection, councillors were satisfied enough to vote unanimously for the proposal.

The action group had told councillors it had multiple concerns, including air quality fears given the site bordered the A2.

However, agents for the applicant said new mechanical air filters to be installed alongside the new housing would actually improve the air quality in the immediate area.

It wasn’t the only application for the area, with plans for two three-bedroom dwellings in place of 10 garages at nearby 50 Strongbow Crescent also approved shortly after. 

The largest plans considered at  the meeting, involving the demolition of 43 garages at the rear of 45 to 73 The Underwood at Eltham were also given the green light by councillors. 

It’ll see plans for a two-storey terrace containing eight dwellings, comprising of seven two-bed homes and one three-bed wheelchair accessible dwelling, go ahead. 

All homes in the scheme will be available for social rent, the cheapest tier of affordable housing.