A Bexleyheath woman says she was saved from an alleyway mugging by a masked man who is "mad, in a good way."

Julia, 40, was on her way home from work at around 9pm on Friday, February 7, when her path was blocked by a group of men near Pure nightclub.

As one raised his arm to hit her, a mysterious vigilante intervened, flooring the men with "karate" and giving Julia a chance to escape.

Julia, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, said: "I was walking near the club when I thought I saw a strange man dressed all in black with a hood up and what looked like black around his eyes.

"I got to the war memorial when I was confronted by a group of four or five people in front of me, one in particular a tall skinny drugged up looking man with a goatee type beard.

"He raised his arm to hit me and then it all happened, lots of shouting about the masked man running at them very fast."

With her assailants distracted, Julia ran for safety, taking cover in a nearby car park.

"I looked back and saw him holding one man bent to his knee by the arm, and then he kicked one in the chest.

"The man went down, it looked like karate or whatever he was doing on them.

"He looked like he said something to the man whilst making his arm hurt. Then he ran away."

The masked man bares a strong similarity to the Bromley Batman, an anonymous guardian who reportedly saved a number of women from muggings in 2017.

Julia added: "I just wanna thank him for actually jumping in giving me a chance to escape before it got a lot worse.

"I think he is mad in a good way for taking on that many people, but I thank him none the less and tell him to stay safe if he does this often."