The Uber driver who dropped a woman later diagnosed with coronavirus to Lewisham Hospital is "not considered high risk".

Public Health England have assured the public that the driver is unlikely to have contracted the virus as the journey was "less than 15 minutes."

Uber have suspended the driver's account, but have not confirmed when, or whether he made subsequent trips.

Dr Rachel Thorn Heathcock, consultant at Public Health England, said: "We are in contact with Uber to ensure the driver receives advice and information on what to do should they feel unwell in the coming days.

"As the journey was less than 15 minutes, the driver did not have close sustained contact with the individual and are not considered high risk."

The patient, said to be a Chinese woman, contracted the virus in China.

She arrived at the hospital on Sunday in an Uber, having fallen ill.

The patient was given a mask and escorted to a purpose-built 'pod'.

She was later transported home to await the results of her tests, while two members of staff were placed in quarantine.

After confirmation on Wednesday she was taken to St Thomas’ for treatment, which is near London Bridge.

Uber confirmed that the driver's account has been suspended earlier.

An Uber spokeswoman said: "We received a request from Public Health England for information about a passenger who has now been confirmed as having coronavirus.

"Out of an abundance of caution, we temporarily suspended the account of the driver who transported the individual to hospital, and we remain in close contact with Public Health England.

"We have a dedicated online portal for public health authorities to contact Uber for information about riders and drivers, and we will take action on any user accounts on the recommendation of those authorities."