The leader of Greenwich Council has called on a fellow councillor to resign immediately, following her conviction for property fraud.

Dan Thorpe, the leader of the Labour-majority council, made the comments after a jury found Glyndon Ward Cllr Tonia Ashikodi guilty of two counts of fraud.

“On behalf of Royal Borough of Greenwich Labour Group I am pleased that the case against Cllr Tonia Ashikodi has now concluded. As with any other fraud case, the evidence was considered by a jury, examined and cross examined,” Cllr Thorpe posted on his Twitter account on Wednesday following the verdict.

“While suspended from the Labour Party she has exercised her legal right to remain as a councillor while the legal process was taking its course. Now that a unanimous verdict has been reached by the jury the only option now is for Cllr Ashikodi to resign with immediate effect.”

He added there wouldn’t be any further comment ahead of sentencing and a potential appeal from Cllr Ashikodi.

The councillor, 30, had been accused of applying for and accepting a council home while owning three homes herself – two in Thamesmead and one in Charlton.

Cllr Thorpe’s comments came after the leader of Greenwich Council’s Opposition slammed the actions of Cllr Ashikodi, saying she had “lost the moral right to continue to serve as a councillor”.

“Tonia Ashikodi has been found guilty of housing fraud – a crime that denied others, who were in real need, a council property and also cost the taxpayer more than £67,000 in the process,” Cllr Matthew Hartley, the leader of Greenwich Conservatives, said.

“This is an absolutely damning verdict, particularly for someone elected to represent others as a councillor.

“Today’s verdict also raises a whole host of serious questions that will need answering, and that we as Opposition councillors will be asking in the coming days and weeks.

“For now, the most important thing is that Tonia Ashikodi resigns as a councillor without delay. After this verdict she has lost the moral right to continue to serve as a councillor, and I hope she accepts that and resigns immediately.”

Meanwhile, the Greenwich and Woolwich branch of the Labour party declined to comment on the situation.

It leaves the future of Cllr Ashikodi’s position with the party – and council – unclear.

Cllr Ashikodi has continued to serve on the council since being suspended by Labour in 2018.

Even if found guilty, councillors aren’t automatically sacked unless they are sentenced to more than three months in jail.

Cllr Ashikodi is set to return for sentencing in March 4.