Trains in Plumstead were delayed for an unusual reason this morning after some runaway dogs managed to get onto the railway tracks.

Southeastern warned of delays in the Plumstead area at around 9am this morning (February 6) after reports of animals on the railway.

Two dogs, reportedly huskies, ended up on the tracks, and one even ended up under a train.

The train operator was forced to cut the power for that part of the line in order to try and receive them safety, causing train services to be held or diverted.

There have been several tragic cases of similar instances of dogs ending up on railway tracks, such as Tilley, a fluffy male dog who went missing after his owner was attacked.

Luckily, both the roaming dogs are now safe with train staff.



At around 10am, Southeastern revealed they had retrieved the dogs, apologised for delays passengers had suffered and said that the train lines would soon be fully reopening.



Some on social media voiced their frustrations at yet more delays, but Southeastern said it takes both the safety of passengers and animals very seriously and pointed out that it was a "difficult one to prevent" as runaway dogs are unpredictable.