Hundreds of residents are petitioning for a fenced-off space at Danson Park.

The enclosed space would be used for training and exercising purposes.

If agreed, it would mean dogs could have the freedom to exercise without their owners worrying about their safety.

The page has reached over 400 signatures so far.

James Little, who started the petition, said: “It would be great for other dog owners like us to be able to give their dog the exercise they need in a safe environment.

"The best place right now is Jeskyns Park in Gravesend, which gets lots of dog walkers as they have two secure areas - one for training and one for exercise.

“We are only able to let them off the lead in a secure environment and unfortunately these do not exist in Bexley.

“It is great to see the petition getting more votes and it would be great for Bexley council to seriously consider this as an option.“

Residents claim there is an unused space near the tennis courts, that would be perfect for the proposed area.

In response, a spokesperson for Bexley Council said: “We will be happy to deal with the petition following our Petition Scheme once it has been received. “

The page has reached 472 signatures out of the targeted 500 at the time of publishing.

To sign the petition visit at