Neighbours on a road in Sidcup are outraged over a ‘phantom dog pooper’ who continuously strikes their driveways at night.

Residents of Longmeadow Road reportedly have to ‘dodge' their way past the mess every time they leave their house.

Several residents have raised their growing concern to the News Shopper, in a bid to stop the culprit.

A resident of Longmeadow Road, who wished to remain anonymous over safety concerns, said: “We seem to have a Phantom Dog pooper who strikes in the dark.

“The amount of poo is getting worse to the point of people having to walk out in the road to avoid it.

“Everyone that walks up the road has to keep their eyes to the ground, in fear of walking into the messes.

“It is dangerous for the elderly.

"People with wheelchairs and prams have to weave in and out to dodge the messes.

"I have to do an assault course, to get to my car."

“It is disgusting.”

Residents say they suspect who it may be, and are considering contacting Environmental Health.