A surprise birthday party was held at a Bexley Library to mark a members 100th birthday last week.

In celebration of life, Muriel Timberlake was surprised with an afternoon tea party at Bostall Library, King Harold’s Way, Bexleyheath.

Muriel grew up on Rowan Road, Bexleyheath as a child, and was born on January 28, 1920.

Bostall Community Group hosted the party for Muriel on January 27, last month.

The group threw the grand gesture in aid of Muriel's long attendance and work as a founding member of the group’s coffee mornings since 2012.

Muriel is a great grandmother of 10, grandmother of 4 grandsons, has 2 daughters and was married for 57 years.

Muriel worked in London aged 14 and became an ambulance driver in the Bexleyheath area during the Second World War.

She lived in America from 1970 to 2005 and then returned to Bexleyheath to live with her daughter Cheryl.

Kim Bryan's director of Bostall Community Group said:

“She is also a regular at our cinema evenings and quiz nights and so full of life, always smiling, you would never guess her age.”