A cosmetic shop in Peckham has been caught selling potentially cancer-causing skin whitening cream for the third time.  

Creams containing banned substance hydroquinone were found hidden under the floorboards at Shaba Hair & Cosmetics. 

The potentially carcinogenic substance can cause nerve, liver, and kidney damage, as well as being very dangerous for pregnant women.  

Hydroquinone also causes facial scarring and skin thinning.  

On August 18, 2018, shop director Tasweer Iqbal, 45, was caught on hidden camera handing over a product labelled Caro White Lightening Beauty Cream to an undercover trading standards officer from Southwark Council. 

Testing found it contained 4.3 per cent hydroquinone, banned throughout the EU from skin lighteners. 

The council raided Shaba Hair & Cosmetics in October, 2018, and found illegal skin whitening creams hidden under the floorboards and around the shop.  

1,129 products were seized and 17 of the 19 samples contained hydroquinone – the two that didn’t still failed on labelling requirements, as did all the others. 

The eight samples checked for steroids all tested positive.  

The conviction marks the third time the shop has been charged for selling illegal products.  

Iqbal, of West Green Road, pleaded guilty on September 23 last year to all eight offences relating to the supply and labelling of hydroquinone products, as well as the supply of and labelling of corticosteroid products. 

Sentencing took place at Southwark Crown Court because of the seriousness of the crime and the repeat offending.   

Iqbal was handed a 200-hour community order on January 30 and must pay £3,843 in costs 

The business itself has to pay costs of £3,843 and £20,000 in fines.      

Cllr Victoria Mills, cabinet member for finance, performance and Brexit, said: “We have prosecuted Shaba Hair and Cosmetics on two previous occasions for supplying illegal and dangerous cosmetics to vulnerable people.  

“The company and its directors have deliberately and systematically ignored the advice given by Southwark trading standards and the court. 

“This result shows that the court supports the council in condemning the practise of putting consumers at risk for financial gain.  

“This is a message to other vendors to sell products that comply with the law and put consumer safety first.”