An Alzheimer’s society group in Sidcup is set to cut activity groups and peer support to make way for online services.

Alzheimer’s Society is to introduce a new Dementia Connect service which provides online, telephone and face to face support.

Groups focusing on inclusion, singing for the brain and fitness will be put to a halt.

The company said it plans to make changes in response to the growing number of people affected by dementia in Bexley.

A relative to a member of the Alzheimer's group at Haven Close, Sidcup, contacted News Shopper to explain her upset on the removal of services.

Sian Hancock said: “My mother is really upset; it is what she lives for, she attends every week.

“These groups have been a Godsend to so many.

“I honestly think the groups are one of the reasons my mum has been doing so well over the years.

“Yes, she can attend other groups, but these are her regulars where the people understand her. She is one of the family.

“My mum always says having dementia is a blessing if she did not attend she would never have met all these lovely people.

“The staff provide amazing support to both clients and carers.

“I honestly feel distraught and don’t know where to turn.

“Phone lines and internet are fine for some younger carers but for older carers and people suffering it will not be much use!

“This cannot be replaced by a call.”

An area manager for Alzheimer’s Society said: “To bring this service to people in Bexley, we have had to make some difficult decisions which mean that Alzheimer’s Society will no longer facilitate its Activity Groups and Peer Support services.

“However, we are working with other interested providers to transition existing services to them to minimise any disruption or changes, over the next eight months, as we concurrently introduce Dementia Connect.

“Our priority is to support people with dementia, their carers and everyone affected by this change.

“We are incredibly grateful to all the staff and volunteers who have done a wonderful job supporting people with dementia through the Activity Groups and Peer Support to date.”

For more information email or call

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