A film is to be released about the murder of a Sidcup teen in a fatal stabbing, 12 years after his death.

Actor Rob Knox, who had appeared in Harry Potter, died at the age of 18 after being brutally murdered outside of Metro Bar in Sidcup, on May 24, 2008.

Rob was killed after protecting his younger brother Jamie, who was being harassed by one man armed with 2 knives.

In remembrance of Rob, which takes the form of a documentary, is to be released to preserve his memory and to help combat knife crime.

The documentary will devote a section to ‘who is Rob', in an attempt to create a picture of who Rob was outside of being, 'Marcus Belby' in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

His appearance in the film influenced the amount of coverage on his death, however, gave less room for people to see his personality.

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Rob's brother, Jamie, is to star in the documentary

The documentary is set to include testimonies from police officers and Robert's friends and family.

It is also set to feature interviews from several companies that focus on knife crime prevention and feature home footage and interviews from others who have been affected by knife crime.

Aaron Truss, Director and friend of Rob said: “The documentary has given us a huge platform and gives a voice to those people who are affected by knife crime.

“Not enough is being done on knife crime coverage, it is occurring so much it has become normal news.

“The documentary brings to light questions about knife crime on the big screen.

“If you're caught carrying a knife, the repercussions are a bit hazy. The line has to be drawn here with this documentary."

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Rob Knox

Robert's father and producer Colin Knox said: “It’s been years in the making, I am excited and emotional.

“We wanted to show who Rob was. It’s a very well put together documentary.

“Many parents don’t even get two lines in a paper.

"Fortunately, because of Harry Potter, we have been able to get our voice out there and try to utilize it.”

Everyone involved has contributed voluntarily, in the hopes to see a change to numbers in knife crime.

Any money made will go straight to the Rob Knox Foundation.

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The foundation delivers talks on knife crime, prison visits and fundraisers for budding actors and filmmakers.

The trailer aims to debut at the ‘Rob Knox Film Festival’ in June.

The documentary is in its last stages and is currently in talks with distributors.