Sidcup Leisure Centre is to host an apprenticeship event to fill positions across three leisure centres in Bexley.

The event will open opportunities for young people at Erith Leisure Centre, Crook Log Leisure Centre and Sidcup Leisure centre.

The apprenticeship scheme offers a variety of roles ranging from, Front of House Apprentice, Business Admin Apprentice and Leisure Apprentice.

The schemes are to offer young people the chance to learn on the job, to gain valuable skills and qualifications with the bonus of being paid.

A spokesperson for Sidcup Leisure Centre said: “I believe that recruiting Apprentices for our business is important to ensure that the residents have an opportunity to gain qualifications and experience whilst working in a work environment.

“This will enable them to understand what future employers are looking for to achieve their later life career goals.

“So many young adults, after leaving school, college or university struggle to obtain employment and this gives them a great opportunity and potentially a different career pathway.

“It is also important to our business to create a succession plan so that as and when the contracted staff moves on, the Apprentice can move into that position.

“This assists the company with recruitment and builds a loyal team that all have the same objectives and creates the Parkwood Leisure DNA.”

The event will take place tomorrow, (January 28) between the hours of 10:00 am and 1.00 pm at Sidcup Leisure Centre.

To find out more details and register to the event email or call 01173147463