Britain's first museum dedicated to exploring how migration has shaped the UK is opening in the heart of Lewisham next month.

The Migration Museum is moving to Lewisham Shopping Centre following a two-and-a-half-year residency in Lambeth.

Through events, exhibitions and education workshops the museum tells the stories of migration to Britain over hundreds of years.

Sophie Henderson, director of the Migration Museum, said: “As a new museum, we’re constantly asking ourselves how we can make what we do more accessible, breaking down barriers and reaching wider audiences.

"Which is why we’re so excited to be opening our new venue in the heart of a busy shopping centre in one of London’s most dynamic and diverse boroughs

“The Migration Museum in Lewisham will have something for everyone – whether you live locally or further afield, identify as an immigrant or trace your family roots in Britain back many generations.

"After all, if you peel back the layers of anyone’s family history in Britain, you will find stories of movement and migration.

“We will provide a space for exploration, discussion and reflection on highly relevant themes that go to the heart of who we all are – as individuals, as communities, and as a nation.

"Come and visit us, share your story and explore how it connects with the bigger picture.”

In 2020 the museum will host an immersive exhibition, named 'Room to Breathe', inviting visitors on a journey through a series of rooms in which hundreds of personal stories from new arrivals to Britain are brought to life.

Another highlight will be 'Departures', which explores 400 years of emigration stories from Britain to coincide with the anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower to North America.

'Humanae', a participatory project by artist Angelica Dass, will document every known human skin tone through portrait photographs.

Opening on February 14, the museum will be based at Unit 11, a large space that was previously a branch of retailer H&M.