The Government must look at why working class white males are under-achieving in education, and give them greater support, Bexleyheath's MP has said.

Tory Sir David Evennett said that if the Government does not help working class males to fulfil their potential it is "a tragedy" for them, their families and society.

Sir David added that opportunities allowing people to move up the social scale have not been successful enough, and that "the working class heroes" must have the same chances as the rest of the country.

"Every child deserves the best start in life, regardless of their background or where they live, and that access to good schools is essential to build the foundation of success in future life.

"I am concerned about the under-achievement of many working class boys and the attention that this topic has not received in the past.

"This particular demographic is falling further and further behind and there shows no signs of catching up with their peers.

"The difference in attainment between richer pupils and their disadvantaged classmates has closed since 2011, but when results are broken down by ethnicity, it appears the improved results among poorer pupils are largely down to the achievement of non-white children.

"This is exacerbated when gender is taken into account," Sir David told MPs.

Sir David said that whilst he welcomes the fact that girls are achieving much more today, "it is the boys, the working class heroes who we should have in the future, who are not achieving and that really does need to be looked at by the Government".

"Working class white boys need to be helped in particular to fulfil their potential," he told MPs during the Queen's Speech debate focused on education.

Sir David added: "If we don't then it's a tragedy, it's a tragedy for them, it's a tragedy for their families, it's a tragedy for society, our communities.

"But more important than that even, we owe it to them to make sure they have the same opportunities as the rest of the country and other cohorts within the age group."

The Bexleyheath and Crayford MP acknowledged that this Government "has done well in increasing the funding for education", but called on more attention to be given to the need for greater social mobility.

"Our society requires the opportunity for people to move up the social scale. We haven't had as much success in that as I would like, however, I am sure and confident that we will be moving forward with the Queen's Speech and the agenda on education and opportunity," Sir David said.