A dad was disgusted after he ordered a McDonald's breakfast for his kids only to discover the Dartford restaurant was infested with 'hundreds' of flies.

Gary Parkyn was taking his two children to nursery school when he decided to stop in for a "rare treat."

Halfway through eating his bagel while sat inside the Princes Road restaurant, the dad-of-two claims he saw flies sat on his two-year-old's pancake and the ceiling tiles.

Gary, an engineer, said: "It was hard to see them at first because the tiles are a cream colour, and not bright white.

"But I looked closer and I could see anywhere between 30 to 50 flies on every single roof tile.

"There were hundreds of them and they were in the ceiling above the kitchen too."

The worried 30-year-old, of Bexleyheath, alerted the cleaner, who then directed him to the branch manager, who told him that she would deal with the problem as a priority.

Gary added: "I know you don't have that many flies for no reason.

"If there are flies, I suppose there's also going to be maggots and larvae. "If they're going to be that lapse with food hygiene then what else could be going on behind the scenes?"

A McDonald's spokesman said they had instructed pest control experts to carry out "regular routine checks" of the site at a service station near the A2 road.

He said: "Hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance to us, so we are disappointed that this customer's experience did not meet the high standards that we would expect.

"We are working with those experts to ensure that the restaurant remains free from pests."