Bexley Council has issued a warning following a reported telephone scam that fooled two elderly residents out of £4000 last week.

The caller claimed to be working for Hammersmith police station investigating bank fraud.

Both victims were told to draw out large sums of money under false intentions.

One resident was advised to withdraw money so it could be put in a safe account.

The other resident was convinced into believing the money would help with police investigations.

On return from the bank, the victims received a second call.

Within minutes a man collected the money from their doorstep.

Bexley Trading Standards had previously been made aware of a similar incident, that saw victims hand over their cards and pins.

Bexley would like you to address the scam with older relatives and friends.

The police would never ask you to withdraw money or hand over your card or pin.

If you are concerned about a conversation you have had, you can report it to the police using 101, in an emergency 999.

You should wait five minutes before attempting to make the call to ensure you are not reconnected to the offender.

If you have been affected by this type of crime or are aware of anyone that has been made a victim contact Action Fraud 0300 123 2040