A campaigner is appealing for help locating empty spaces to shelter the homeless in the Greenwich and Bexley areas.

The weekend saw temperatures plummet below freezing, and many homeless people were left to sleep on 'park benches and in car parks.'

Campaigner, Sally Cudmore, is on a quest to find a shelter to help as many homeless people as she can.

Having previously made use of the club at Crayford Arrows for a shelter, she is now searching for a new site to run the shelter - which aims to open 24 hours a day for a ten day period.

The campaign has volunteers, equipment and food in place and is one step away from hitting the ground running.

Sally said she is preferably looking for somewhere with kitchen and washing facilities.

Speaking to News Shopper, she said: “It has been freezing; we are urgently looking for somewhere to use.

News Shopper:

The most recent event held for the homeless

“We just need a kind company to give us somewhere to use, a lot of football clubs are closed until April.

“Some places may be a bit reluctant when they hear the word homeless.

“We opened the shelter last year at Crayford football club.

"I know they would be happy to confirm, that there was not one problem with any of those that attended.

“They showed us respect and appreciation. It was lovely to see.

"I have seen a real community spirit in the past which is what we need again.

"A shelter would make a big difference for our homeless community."

During this time, Sally will refer the homeless to the council to try and find them a more permanent living solution.

She also plans to take pictures of those at the shelter and post their skills and experience online.

If you know of a space that could be donated, or would like to help with volunteering, contact Sally Cudmore at 07563 957151 or by email at cudms@aol.com