Parents at a Mottingham school fear their children will be permanently forced to attend a different location after the school's hall was not confirmed to be safe.

The saga began at Dorset Road Infant School in October last year when parents were told of a "temporary closure", and that their children would need to attend a different school the next day.

The Spring Partnership Trust, which administrates both schools, reportedly told parents 30 minutes before the end of the school day that their children were to attend Castlecombe Primary school the following morning - roughly one mile away.

In a letter that was sent out to parents on October 8, 2019, the school stated that the hall at Dorset Road posed a "real health and safety threat to pupils."

Parents questioned how the hall had become "unsafe overnight" and accused the school of using the repairs as an excuse for the trust wanting to merge Dorset Road and Castlecombe together.

But on December 18, parents were sent a second letter that stated the Spring Partnership Trust was applying to the RSC to close Dorset Road permanently.

The letter read: "Both Castlecombe and Dorset Road are relatively small schools, with a 'Good' grading from Ofsted.

"The Trust is considering how through being amalgamated into one entity, we could deliver a provision which would enable opportunities for improvement."

Parents have raised concerns to the News Shopper, after growing concern that the children’s education could be affected.

Accusations go as far as to say "children were taught on a rug outside of the classroom" at Castlecombe Primary school.

News Shopper:

Parents also accused the school of making their children ‘stand out’ as their uniform colour is different from those at Castlecombe Primary.

A parent whose child attends Dorset Road said: “No one was prepared for the move.

“A meeting was held on October 8 at 2.30 pm and the change was implemented by Wednesday morning.

“My child is currently being assessed for possible ADHD since being in a bigger setting.

"We were told right at the end of the school term; it was an abrupt end to Dorset Road.

“We were not integrated into the new school."

A spokesperson for Spring Partnership Trust responded: “I can confirm that the site of Dorset Road Infant School is currently closed temporarily due to health and safety concerns and that all pupils and staff are based at Castlecombe Primary School.

“The Spring Partnership Trust was not aware that this situation would be the case at the start of the academic year in 2019.

“Applications for primary school places for both schools are currently continuing as they would if this situation had not happened.

“Parents and carers have been informed of this.

“We are working closely with the admissions team at the London Borough of Bromley in this matter.

“As explained to parents and carers last month, a consultation process is going to take place regarding the amalgamation of the two schools.

“But no decisions have been made about this yet as we must factor in opinions from all stakeholders.

“All parents and carers were informed of the temporary closure of the Dorset Road Infant School site at the same time back in October 2019.

“The education and safety of all pupils continued with minimal disruption the next day thanks to the very hard work of the teaching and site staff at both of the schools.

“All Dorset Road Infant pupils are continuing to be taught to a very high standard, in excellent surroundings, by their normal class teachers, all but at a different location.

“Open mornings are continuing to be held for Dorset Road Infant School as the school has not permanently closed.”