Police made nine arrests over a two days period during a joint disruption operation.

Officers from the Met Police’s South East Basic Command Unit and British Transport Police’s Blackheath Response Team have conducted the operation at train stations in Plumstead and Sidcup utilising knife arches and covert and overt assets.

Officers deployed on the operation have made a total of nine arrests over two days.

These were for:

  • Adult male for absconding from immigration.
  • Adult male for handling stolen goods
  • Adult male shown wanted for breaching a court order.
  • Adult male for handling stolen goods
  • Adult male for a public order offence
  • Adult female for handling stolen goods and breach of court bail
  • Juvenile male for possession of an offensive weapon.
  • Adult male for assault on an emergency worker, public order offence and fare evasion.
  • Adult male for possession of a controlled drug.

A Met spokesman said: "The operation led by PS Jones of the British Transport Police and PC Robinson of the Metropolitan Police is designed to disrupt criminality moving around South East London on the public transport network allowing offenders to be caught and brought to justice."