Bexley have achieved the highest number of under-19 apprenticeship starts in London, with 570 teenagers included in the 2019 intake.

The apprenticeship scheme offers young people the chance to learn on the job, to gain valuable skills and qualifications, with the bonus of being paid.

Bexley is offering a variety of courses ranging from building control, administration and teaching and learning support as well as other subjects.

Councillor Louie French said: “Our recent Learning, Skills and Employment Strategy contained an aspiration for Bexley to achieve the highest number of under-19 apprenticeship starts.

“After being second-highest for several years we wanted to aim even higher.

“With further apprenticeship changes on the horizon, we are already looking at how we can maintain our position and continue to deliver apprenticeship opportunities for the borough’s young people.”

The figures are from the Department for Education statistics for the number of apprenticeships starts in London.

Bexley’s annual apprenticeship event will take place next month at the civic offices in Bexleyheath.

The event will allow parents and children to find out more about apprenticeship opportunities, which range from Traineeships to Higher and Degree Apprenticeships.

To find out more details and register to the event visit at