Hundreds of parents and pupils gathered outside a Beckenham school in protest against changes to its admission process.

Parents and children gathered outside Langley Park School for Boys to demonstrate their concerns on Monday (January 6) about the proposals - which could affect three primary schools operating under Langley Park Learning Trust.

One of two options in the Trust's consultation proposes naming primary schools Langley Park, Hawes Down and Clare House as feeder schools for Langley Park Boys and Girls secondary schools.

The other option would only include Langley Park Primary School as a feeder school.

The proposed changes could see hundreds of children denied from their nearest school.

Victoria Wimpenny, a parent of two primary school-aged boys, said: “The proposal seems completely unfair and would benefit children in the trust schools at the expense of local children who should have just as much right to attend these schools.

“I fear it would have a detrimental effect on the school places available for Bromley children, increase the risk of some applicants not being eligible for a place at any local school.

“This would have a knock-on effect on all school catchments.

"There is also the environmental considerations of children no longer being able to walk to their local school to be taken into account."

A spokesman for Langley Park Learning Trust responded to parents concerns.

"The Langley Park Learning Trust Board of Trustees emphasises that no decisions in respect of the proposed changes have yet been taken, as these will be directly informed by the responses received during consultation," the spokesman said.

"The Board does not have a 'preferred option'.

"It wishes to receive as many responses as possible, both positive and negative, and from as wide a range of interested parties as possible.

"This will ensure that the Board is able to properly consider the effect of any proposed changes and make an informed and objective decision in relation to the admissions arrangements for each school.

"The Board of Trustees would like to emphasise that, at the conclusion of the consultation period, it may decide not to go ahead with some or all of the proposed changes."

A petition against the proposal changes had seen over 3,000 supporters at the time of publishing.

Parents have been urged to respond to a consultation which can be found online at

The petition from parents can be found at: