Labour’s Clive Efford has been re-elected as the next MP for Eltham after Labour won the seat with 47% of the votes and a majority of 3,179.

It was declared early on Friday morning that Efford will return as the Labour MP for the constituency after he received 20,550 votes.

It was a two-horse race on election night, with the Conservative candidate, Louie French, coming in at second place with 17,353 votes.

He was followed by Liberal Democrat Charley Hasted in third place with 2,941 votes, and Steve Kelleher of the Brexit Party in fourth with 1,523 votes.

The Green Party candidate, Matthew Stratford, rounded off the election, receiving 1,322 votes.

Clive Efford has been the MP for Eltham since 1997, winning six straight elections.

Turnout was 68.2 per cent.