With the General Election less than a week away, News Shopper has put some pressing questions to candidates in Bromley's three constituencies.

Read on to see how candidates in Beckenham responded:

Beckenham - Conservative - Majority

Conservative - Bob Stewart

News Shopper:

Quick blurb - Who are you and what is your connection to the constituency?

I have been MP for Beckenham since May 2010 and live in Shortlands with my family. Daily I commute to Westminster by train. Before becoming an MP I was in business for 10 years and previous to that served 28 years in the Army ending up as an infantry Colonel.

Brexit – How will voting for you guarantee the best resolution to the Brexit impasse?

I will vote for Boris Johnson's Draft EU Withdrawal Plan and want Brexit resolved quickly so that we can deal with other very important things such as the NHS and Care, Education and Policing.

NHS - What will you do to ensure residents in your constituency have the best access to healthcare possible?

In 10 years as MP for Beckenham I have been vociferous in support of maintaining clinical services at Lewisham Hospital and I campaigned vigorously to preserve The Beacon in Beckenham. I have also been in frequent contact with Bromley Commissioning Services on behalf for constituents. Like most others my family and I too rely on the NHS. In fact my life was saved by the NHS after I was badly hurt in the Army.

Environment - Does your position on the climate crisis take the issue with the seriousness it deserves? How?

Mankind's activities are definitely altering both our climate and atmosphere. I believe we should do all we can to achieve carbon neutrality even before 2050. My Face book page and Website (www.bobstewart.org.uk) contain my personal views about Climate Change. I was worried about polluting the atmosphere as a schoolboy..

Economy - One in five British workers live in poverty. What would you do to ensure working people in your constituency have a better standard of living?

A strong economy translates into more jobs. There are now 3.6 million people in work than in 2010. More people are in employment now than for 50 years. Beckenham has an unemployment rate of about one per cent which is well below the national average.

Crime – What is the best approach to dealing with crime in your constituency?

I meet the Borough Commander frequently and sometimes patrol with the police. The last occasion was 6 weeks ago. I believe the police need stronger powers to stop and search and to deal with illegal activities like fly tipping and trespassing by travellers.

Labour - Marina Ahmad

News Shopper:


As a West Wickham resident, a Bromley Councillor and a mum, I live, work, socialise, campaign and raise my family in Beckenham constituency. I am the Bromley Labour Education spokesperson, and sit on decision-making bodies that effect every Beckenham resident.

Brexit – How will voting for you guarantee the best resolution to the Brexit impasse?

The best way to break the impasse is to give the people the final say. Beckenham residents will be hit by Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit and the Lib Dem’s policy is undemocratic.

Labour will negotiate the best deal for workers, business and the environment. You will then be asked to vote for that deal or to Remain. Like 51.6% of Beckenham residents, I voted to Remain in the Referendum and I will campaign to Remain.


I’m a Councillor on the Bromley Health and Wellbeing Board and I want decent investment to rebuild and protect the NHS.

We need a National Care Service so that people do not have to face catastrophic care costs in old age. As your MP I will work to ensure that health and social care services in Bromley are joined up, safe, high quality and accessible to all patients.


As a parent this is an emergency close to me and my family’s hearts. I support our young people who have run the Climate Strikes in Bromley and I have campaigned for measures to reduce air pollution, protect our green spaces and reduce plastic waste. There is no Plan B, we have to act now and the environment is one of my priorities.


In Beckenham too many people rely on food banks even though they have two jobs. Growing numbers of people are homeless or in insecure, temporary accommodation.

This is just wrong. A Labour government will introduce a Real Living Wage of £10ph for workers over 16 and develop a fair system of benefits whilst tackling the housing crisis.


Having trained as a criminal barrister, I know neighbourhood policing is the backbone to building community relationships and crime prevention. A Labour government will replace the 21,000 police officers that were cut and rebuild the justice system. I want to redevelop youth services, invest in mental health services and steer our young people away from violent crime.

Liberal Democrats - Chloe-Jane Ross

News Shopper:


I have worked at the heart of Beckenham’s community for over a decade.

I helped save the Blackfriars rail service, led the call to action when the Beckenham Beacon was under threat and volunteers her time to help residents.

As chair of Beckenham's largest Residents' Association, I represent local people on a whole range of issues.


The Lib Dems have campaigned long and hard for over 3 years for a People’s Vote, submitting an amendment for this 17 times in the last parliament. The more Lib Dem MPs there are in parliament the more likely it is we can secure a Peoples Vote.

If you believe a confirmatory vote will resolve the Brexit impasse then vote Lib Dem.


The NHS is too important to be the subject of party-political fights. We will establish a cross-party commission to set realistic, transparent long-term plans for the NHS and social care.

Meanwhile, the biggest threat to the NHS is Brexit. If we stop Brexit we can retain our EU NHS staff.

We will get our NHS off life support by putting 1p on income tax from April 2020 - and will keep campaigning to give mental health the same priority as physical health.


The Lib Dems have a credible, radical plan to deal with environmental crises, committing £100bn to tackling the climate emergency, restoring our natural environment and ending air pollution.

We will completely restructure our economy, to ensure that decisions taken at every level - by national government, councils, businesses, investors, communities and households - make progress towards these objectives.


We will give gig economy workers basic rights like sick pay and holiday pay, set a 20% higher minimum wage for people on zero-hour contracts, and establish a powerful new Worker Protection Enforcement Authority to make this happen.

For renters we’re promote longer tenancies, with protection against rent hikes and rogue landlords. Our £6bn investment in Universal Credit will reduce the waiting times from 5 weeks to 5 days.


We need investment in community policing, youth services and strategic initatives to prevent crime from happening. The Lib Dems will invest £1 billion in 20,000 extra officers nationwide.

With a £500m ringfenced local authorities fund, we will restore youth services, bringing police, teachers, health professionals, youth workers and social services together to prevent young people falling prey to gangs and violence.

Green Party - Ruth Fabricant

News Shopper:


A longstanding Beckenham resident, I taught infants, fostering a love of learning and insuring inclusion in all activities regardless of race, gender or disability; I celebrate diversity.

I volunteer at a Beckenham school and have a new baby grandson.


Everyone has the right to feel safe. Greens focus on prevention of crime with community-based policing, alongside investment in education and employment.

Cuts in youth services have led to increased crime. Greens will increase youth centres which help turn ‘at risk’ children away from crime.


Greens are a democratic ‘remain’ party, consistent in calling for a referendum to give people a say on the final Brexit deal.

Greens have travelled the country, listening to people; we will address inequalities. Job losses and lack of investment are core drivers of Brexit.

Longstanding Green Members of the European Parliament have made successful contributions for environmental issues; workers’ rights and animal welfare.

Brexit would lower these standards and threaten the peace process in Northern Ireland.


Greens will bring the NHS back into public ownership, so money spent on health remains solely for patient care to promote/enable healthy lifestyle, increase funding by £6 billion a year, expand to include fit for purpose mental health and reproductive services and reinstate nursing bursaries.

Support proposals of CCG to develop planned care centre at the Beckenham Beacon.

Repeal health and social care act.

Environment & Economy

Green Party is unique; it has always recognised the seriousness of climate change and see a Green eco-friendly economy and social justice as going hand in hand.

A Green government will make it beneficial and affordable for people to take eco-friendly options.eg

Free bus travel for all, prioritising local public transport, as opposed to spending £62 billion on HS2 rail; insulate all homes to reduce fuel poverty ; create 4 million jobs in renewables.

22% of Beckenham children are living in poverty. To lift working families out of the ‘poverty trap’ we will introduce a universal basic income to replace benefits; provide free childcare from 9 months old. Support small local businesses.