Residents in Deptford’s Evelyn Ward facing a ‘significant’ increase in traffic from another borough’s movement plan have said they need their own.  

Part of Southwark Council’s plans for Rotherhithe include introducing a controlled parking zone (CPZ), building a new cycle route as part of continuation of Cycleway 4, and introducing the Rotherhithe Cycleway to link to Peckham. 

The proposals also include part of Lower Road becoming bus and cycle only.

But officers from Lewisham Council have admitted the plans will increase traffic in Trundleys Road, near the Sir Francis Drake Primary School, raising concerns about children’s safety and pollution. 

At a sustainable development select committee meeting last week, Councillor Louise Krupski asked the council’s walking and cycling manager, Josh Learner, how the movement plan would affect Lewisham residents. 

He said officers had been looking into putting a bus gate on Trundleys Road or banning some turns into it.  

Adding some crossings to the road had also been discussed but Mr Learner said this was “not our preferred option”.

Marianna Femia and Christian Turner, Trundleys Road residents, said they are “shocked by the lack of planning and forward thinking from Lewisham”.  

They told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “We stumbled across the consultation by chance and were left speechless by the lack of engagement from Lewisham and our own councillors.” 

They said that although one councillor, Sophie McGeevor, was responsive, Lewisham Council has “left behind” its residents.  

“Having completed the consultation, we quickly realised that no plan had been put forward for the Evelyn side even though major changes to the rotary system on Lower Road/Bush Road/Bestwood Street meant we were going to be majorly affected.  

“From the traffic model put forward by Southwark you could just see that traffic on Trundleys Road was set to double as we’re on the border.  

 “We couldn’t, however, find a traffic model for the whole of Evelyn Ward. How could residents be asked to comment on this plan without seeing the full picture? Turns out there isn’t one. Lewisham simply hasn’t got a plan for Evelyn,” they said.  

The area has seen  an huge increase in traffic on the road in recent years, including cars and trucks speeding along it, according to Marianna and Christian.

“Trundleys Road is used by many as a route to Deptford Park or to the schools during school run. Sir Francis Drake’s playground backs into it and the increased level of pollution is very concerning.  

 “We have two young kids and we are increasingly concerned about their wellbeing and safety when travelling on foot or by bikes/scooters.  

 “I’ve seen people hit on this road, shopping scattered across the pavement – not a sight I want my kids to witness again,” they said. 

In its official response to the proposals, a spokesperson for Lewisham Council said it asked Southwark to look for ways to reduce traffic in the road and to hold an extra consultation event to allow Evelyn residents a say.

She said: “We have been working closely with Southwark Council and TfL to minimise the impact of the proposed removal of Lower Road Gyratory on Lewisham residents, in particular those living in Evelyn ward.

“We recognise that the current proposals are not satisfactory for residents and in our official response to the plan have requested that Southwark Council assess some changes to the scheme to reduce the amount of traffic on Trundleys Road.

“We have also requested that consideration is given to improving pedestrian crossing points along the length of the road (including by Lidl) and for planting trees or bushes.

“We are awaiting a response from Southwark Council on these requests.

“We have also asked Southwark Council to hold an extra consultation event to give Evelyn ward residents an opportunity to feed into the proposals.”

Trina Lynskey, chair of DeptfordFolk, said the Evelyn Ward needs its own movement plan. 

She said: “The Canada Water development will bring 3,500 new homes to the area and a significant increase in population.  

“Southwark has secured developer funded cycle hire docking stations and parking will be controlled to prioritise residents.

“By contrast the Evelyn Ward will see 10,000 new homes and there is no comparable movement plan.  

“The impact of the Rotherhithe Movement Plan on Trundleys Road and the streets around Deptford Park will be significant. 

“Lewisham Council did not encourage residents to respond to Southwark’s consultation despite the impact it would have on public health and street safety in Lewisham. ” 

She added: “DeptfordFolk have worked hard with Lewisham Council and Sustrans to bring a Mayor of London Liveable Neighbourhood project to the area.  

“It could be undermined by a wholly avoidable increase of traffic around Deptford Park. 

“Child poverty in Evelyn is at 49 per cent and the majority of residents do not drive. 

“Low income communities are disproportionately affected by poor transport planning – the Evelyn Ward needs a movement plan to reduce poverty and inequality.”