The Mayor of Bromley adopted three sibling kittens from a Downe rescue centre.

Mayor Nicholas Bennett and his wife Ruth took a trip to Romney House after their two beloved cats died earlier this year, each at the impressive age of 15.

They were so taken with the three siblings - Petrina, Pascal and Paxton - that they adopted the trio there and then.

“When we were looking to adopt some kittens, we heard about Romney House and decided to pay them a visit,” explained the Mayor of Bromley.

"We could see how well Petrina, Pascal and Paxton had bonded, so we couldn't possibly split them up. They clearly enjoyed being together, and we have space for three, so we decided to take them all."

Silvana Locke, centre founder, said: "We are thrilled that the Mayor and his wife paid us a visit and decided to take all three kittens. We know they're going to a loving home and will be well-cared for."

The kittens’ mother was a pregnant stray rescued by centre founder, Silvana Locke.

Romney House rescues more than 400 cats and kittens a year, finding them new homes when possible.

All cats brought into Romney House are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for fleas/worms before being found a suitable new home.

Cats that are unsuitable for re-homing can live freely in the cat sanctuary that forms part of the rescue centre in Downe.