For one minute on an otherwise manic Monday morning silence rang out around Woolwich Town Hall, as the borough joined others across London in a silent vigil for the victims of Friday’s terror attack.

The start of the working week saw services held across London and Cambridge paying tribute to the victims of Friday’s London Bridge terror attack, as well as honouring the emergency services and members of the public who intervened.

In a statement issued in the immediate aftermath of the incident, members of Greenwich council expressed their sympathies for those killed or impacted.

“Our thoughts are with the two victims, their loved ones and anyone who has been affected by the London Bridge attack,” the authority said.

The borough has experienced similar grief at previous acts of terrorism, with British Army soldier Lee Rigby murdered in a brutal day-light attack in 2013 which sent shock waves around the world.

Fusilier Rigby was killed after being run down by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, who then stabbed and hacked the 25-year-old soldier to death.

Friday’s incident saw perpetrator Usman Khan shot dead by police after being wrestled to the ground by courageous citizens, who had earlier chased him from a prisoner rehabilitation conference nearby.

Khan, a convicted terrorist released from jail last year, had been attending the conference as a guest when he began his rampage.

The two victims of the attack have been named as Cambridge University graduates Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan paid tribute to the pair in his address at a city-centre vigil on Monday.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones and all those injured or affected by the attack on Friday,” he said.

“The best way to defeat this hatred is not by turning on one another, but it’s by focussing on the values that bind us, to take hope from the heroism of ordinary Londoners and our emergency services who ran towards danger, risking their lives to help people they didn’t even know.”

“It’s also by drawing inspiration from the lives of Jack and Saskia, who from an early age chose to dedicate themselves to helping others.”