A man who caught a cab to belvedere after raping two strangers has been sentenced.

Jonathan Graden, 30, of Hackney carried out an attack in 2018 and was then linked by DNA to a second attack in 2011.

Graden appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Tuesday, 5 November and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of ten years’ imprisonment.

The court heard how on November 9, 2018, a 22-year-old woman, was approached by Graden on Hanbury Street in Spitalfields.

He followed her into a building before raping her in the basement, leaving the venue around 20 minutes later.

Extensive CCTV enquiries were carried out, and officers were able to establish that the suspect took a cab to Belvedere.

Detectives released CCTV images of the suspect as part of a media appeal and officers dropped hundreds of appeal leaflets in the area where the cab took the suspect.

Probably as a result of the extensive appeals, Graden handed himself in to police on 21 December 2018.

He was arrested and later charged later that day with rape, he was remanded in custody by the court the following day.

During his arrest Graden’s DNA was taken and as a result he was linked to a rape that took place in 2011.

On 5 February 2011, a 24-year-old woman was walking along Dyers Hall Road, E11 when she was approached from behind and pushed to the ground by Graden, who went on to rape her in a violent assault.

Graden subsequently pleaded guilty to both offences.

Detective Constable Chris Ives, said: “Graden has been convicted of carrying out two rapes and he is an obvious danger to women; I am glad he has been brought to account. In contrast to Graden’s depraved and cowardly actions, his victims have acted with courage and dignity. I sincerely hope that the sentence handed down today brings them both a measure of comfort and closure.”

Detective Sergeant Kendal Moore, said: “This investigation highlights the strength of these two women who have been subjected to horrific sexual violence by this predatory male.

“It also shows that no matter how many years have passed, officers are resolute in their determination to bring sexual offenders to justice.

“Through hard work, resilience and diligence in investigation, officers from the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command and Complex Case Team have been able to ensure that Graden has been convicted.

“I would encourage anyone who has been the subject of sexual assault to contact the police, you will be supported by specialist officers who are determined to bring those responsible to justice.”