Lewisham Council has backed a proposed London-wide bylaw that would make it an offence for dockless bike users to park anywhere other than a designated space.  

The fine for breaking the law would be up to £500.  

Although initially supported by councils, dockless bikes have been obstructing footpaths, getting in the way of wheelchair users and posing a danger to people with vision problems.  

Boroughs are now voting on a pan-capital bylaw, which will be delegated to London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee.  

The bylaw would give boroughs the power to penalise operators if they allow their bikes to be parked in locations other than at parking spaces approved by the borough. 

Cabinet member for environment and transport, Brenda Dacres, said: “As part of Lewisham’s ongoing commitment to cycling, dockless bikes are seen as an important initiative to help us to achieve the ambitious targets we have for getting more people cycling. 

“This bylaw would give London boroughs the powers to prohibit dockless bike operators from allowing their bikes to be parked just anywhere.

“London boroughs are currently powerless to stop dockless bike operators and their fleet to leave their bikes anywhere, this can cause a negative impact to pedestrians, those on wheelchairs, or those with other mobility issues or those with visual impairments.”

The proposals were voted through unanimously at full council on Wednesday (November 28). 

A consultation draft on the bylaw will be written up at a later date.  

If it is approved by minsters, each council will be able to decide whether to enforce the designated spaces or not.