The latest waterfront development for Greenwich has been approved, with 145 new residential units to be built in the Saxon Wharf project.

Greenwich’s planning board approved Notting Hill Genesis’ application to build the part 13-storey, part 17-storey tower at a November 18 meeting.

The move will see the site – which is currently being used as a storage area for shipping containers – transformed into the towers of units, which will also include waste storage, cycle and car parking, and space for offices.

According to the plans, 51 of the units will be classified as affordable or shared ownership.

The approval saw one late, major change to the contract – with the board voting in favour of removing a clause which would have restricted future occupants from making or pursuing any claim for nuisance or damages relating to noise at the site. 

It comes after the council received legal advice advising that the proposed clause would not be lawful and should not be included in the agreement.

The development is set about 200m from Brewery Wharf, with initial concerns raised that around-the-clock noise at the wharf would impact residents as well as the wharf’s operations.

It was recommended that an agreement between the council and the developer would include informing prospective residents of the general nature and extent of activities at Brewery Wharf and associated noise.

It also added the clause should set out that residents shall not be entitled to make or pursue any claim for nuisance or damages caused by noise from Brewery Wharf at a level at or below the baseline noise level – before this was removed.

The council instead put in place a range of noise mitigation measures – including external wall construction and glazing – to ensure noise levels don’t breach accepted levels.