Two men from the Bromley area are planning an "insane" new challenge to raise money for men's health charity Movember, completing a 60km walk in just one day.

Far from settling on growing a pair of moustaches, the ambitious young men took a challenge from the Movember Foundation to walk 60km during November, and decided to condense the walk into one day.

Joe Flannery, who has lived at Elmers End in Beckenham for 23 years, and business partner and childhood best friend, Connor O'Sullivan, of Bromley, will be walking the whole 60km on Friday, November 29.

Anyone is welcome to join them on the walk, or just provide support along the road as the pair leave Beckenham Place Mansion at 6am and hopefully end up in Brixton 12 hours later.

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The reason behind choosing to walk 60km, Joe explained, was that every 60 seconds someone loses a brother, father, uncle or a nephew to suicide.

"It's striking looking back at the past and noticing that the men involved were very reserved about showing emotions and sharing feelings, bottling everything up," Joe said.

"Imagine losing a close one having not shared your real emotions out of fear or perceived social pressures, the regret would be unbearable

"The worst thing is you are powerless, but this can all be preventable."

Mr Flannery said that on top of fundraising, his hope was that the event will let people band together for a shared cause and make a meaningful impact in the community.

Mr O'Sullivan and Mr Flannery grew up together as childhood friends, and now run a business called SuppleStrength which aims to build active local communities and let people get more from their leisure time.

The group also embark on community 5km litter picks around Beckenham once a month, "trying to make a real difference in the local community."

Connor, also 27, has been in the fitness industry since leaving school and where he says there has always been a focus on the importance of physical health over mental wellbeing.

"The prevalence of mental health issues in society is truly astonishing. They have always been close to home for me, affecting a close relative of mine and more recently leading to an old school friend losing his life to suicide.

"Physical training has helped me through many tough points throughout life and I am passionate about inspiring other to get active."

To find out more information about the 60km walk or to donate to the cause, follow this link.