Plans to build 850 new homes on a former golf course are set to be opposed by Bromley council, over concerns it could overload roads, education and health services in the borough.

Bromley’s development control committee will meet next week to discuss Quinn Estates' plan to build hundreds of new properties, a school hub, rugby pitches and more at the site of the former Broke Hill Golf Course at Halstead.

Although the application, which has been submitted by millionaire developer Mark Quinn's company, is in Kent and comes under the authority of the Sevenoaks District Council, Bromley has been asked for their feedback as a neighbouring borough.

In a report to be presented to councillors, Bromley officers request the committee following their lead in objecting to the scheme.

Chief among their concerns are that development of the site will put hundreds of new drivers on Bromley roads, overload schools and health services, and eat into the authority’s green belt.

In their contribution to the council, the NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) raised objections over the proposal, including the fact there are no on-site healthcare facilities.

“The nearest GP practices are in the London Borough of Bromley and it is considered that the proposal would add pressure to these facilities which are already near full capacity,” the report states.

The report adds the development would add a “concerning strain on existing medical practitioner facilities” in Bromley.

Likewise, the council fears the development would have a negative effect on local rail capacity, as well as harbouring concerns over the number of car trips which would be generated in the future by drivers from hundreds of new homes. 

The scheme was left out of Sevenoaks District Council’s  local plan submission in November last year because it said the development was not exceptional enough to justify the destruction of green belt.

Bromley council’s report echoes those concerns, stating: “The proposed development is not appropriate in the green belt and is by definition, harmful to the green belt”.

Bromley council are expected to formalise their opposition to the move at a development control committee on Tuesday night, November 26.