A man has been charged with possession of a knife after a stop and search at Belvedere station.

Abiola Alade, 24, of no fixed address has been jailed for 12 weeks following a joint operation by the Met and BTP around south east London.

On October 30, Alade was stopped and searched at Belvedere, and found in possession of a knife.

Upon being charged he was remanded into custody where he pleaded guilty at Bromley Magistrates Court to possession of a pointed or bladed article.

He was sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment and ordered to pay £121.00 to victim services.

PC Robinson, from Welling Police, said: “The sentencing of Alade provides a stern warning to those who feel it’s okay to possess a knife that when caught they can only expect to face the full extent to the law.

"These operations have resulted in numerous weapons being recovered and countless people arrested.

"We will continue to run these operations to ensure that people feel safe, weapons remain of the streets of our communities and those who continue to possess such articles are apprehended.”